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At Newscape Capital Group, we manage two proprietary Newscape funds, alongside our partner funds which we manage in collaboration with other advisory and distribution partners. The Newscape Diversified Growth fund and the New Perspectives Emerging Market Equity Income Fund are managed by Charlie Morris and Fahad Hassan respectively, who between them have 33 years’ experience in fund management and stock selection.

Both the Diversified Growth and the New Perspectives Emerging Market funds operate on a different strategy to conventional mutual funds. Built upon 13 years of experience at HSBC, Charlie Morris has developed his own framework to drive returns: “The 5 Styles Approach”. Both funds now operate using this strategy.

This approach takes a non-traditional view of asset classes (Bonds, equities etc.) and instead groups them together based on/upon their investment characteristics. We believe that this approach allows both funds to deliver improved risk adjusted returns over time.

By combining the 5 styles approach and quantitative screening measures, Newscape is perfectly positioned to create value for investors.

Fund management (Overview)


We acknowledge that markets evolve, yet the principles of sound investment remain the same. Our funds are diversified across a range of asset classes including equities, bonds, commodities and property. Those asset classes, when combined with the Five Styles Process and effective risk management, can enhance risk-adjusted returns.

Avoiding the herd

To paraphrase Keynes, most fund managers would rather fail conventionally than succeed unconventionally. That encourages many to hug their benchmark as closet trackers. At Newscape, the portfolios are built from the bottom as each and every holding is something we want to own.


Thinking about countries, sectors and asset classes isn’t enough. We don’t just diversify, we do so efficiently. At the heart of our process is a deep understanding of the drivers behind the moves in asset prices. We do that by bringing together macroeconomics, behavioural finance and security analysis.

“Having spent 17 years at HSBC Global Asset Management running a $3 billion portfolio, I had the opportunity to refine and develop an investment process. At Newscape, I have taken that valuable experience and have the exciting opportunity to execute a process which has evolved through hard work.”

Charlie Morris -

The Macro Map

The investment team follow macro-economic trends and capital flows. This macro map provides a framework to identify profitable investment opportunities. Economic data, combined with signals from bond markets, can help to determine and forecast the business cycle. This information contributes to asset allocation and also assists with risk management. The interest rate and inflation backdrop is the primary driver of the differences in asset class returns.

Fund management

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Newscape Diversified Growth Fund

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