"As we enter our second decade after the global financial crisis, we are left wondering if we could have taken a different path. The recovery has been a text book Rogoff and Reinhart rebound." - Fahad Hassan, Senior PM


Bonds were recently hit by big shocks. US tax cuts progress followed good Q3 US GDP data. Sentiment change is major. The value trade should be renewed as growth stocks look stretched. Inflation expectations are creeping up before Jerome Powell starts. Interesting times indeed!

In a turmoil of #Bitcoin, another highly respected monthly @FinancialTimes magazine shares our CIO's Charlie @AtlasPulse thoughts on the hottest current market trend.

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Three exciting currency trades

Cable, as the sterling-dollar exchange rate is known, looks quite drastic right now – we’re getting back to levels last seen at few points since the mid-1980s.

Why I’m buying bitcoins

If I were to tell you that gold miners or oil producers were about to cut their production in half, would that make you more or less bullish on gold and oil? More bullish of course. That’s exactly what’s about to happen to bitcoin, the digital currency.

Britain’s banks: a bargain for value hunters

The big four have taken a battering and there’s stiff competition ahead – but right now, they’re among the cheapest value stocks out there, says Charlie Morris.

Charlie Morris on Money Makers: What the oil price does next is key

Macro market musings by Charlie Morris
Inflation shock & Gold