Alternatives Advisory


Our investment philosophy is to protect and prudently nurture our clients capital. Investing in alternative assets requires us to search for opportunities that are not directly correlated to the returns generated by traditional asset classes. We seek to generate compelling investment returns from both a “top down” and “bottom up” portfolio construction process. We believe that investors should benefit from tactical portfolio allocation. We seek to structure client portfolios in favour of investment strategies that have the highest potential to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns through the economic cycle. At various times in the investment cycle some alternative investment strategies may face conditions that are less favourable whilst other strategies may be highly rewarded. Political, fiscal and monetary policies will all impact investment conditions as will economic growth rates, currency movements, corporate profits and consumer sentiment. Our philosophy is to seek to identify the investment strategies that will have the highest probability of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Alternatives Advisory

Client Focused

Our alternative investment process is customised to serve individual client requirements. Our mission is to structure and deliver the best possible solution to meet our client’s investment objectives.


Identifying Opportunities

We use our many years of direct investment strategy experience to identify those investment managers that have the highest standards of integrity, rigour and performance generating capability.

Customised alternative solutions

Deep alternatives asset investment experience

Structured vehicles for alternative asset investors

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

Henry Ford -

Portfolio Selection

The key to executing a successful alternative investment strategy is to create a portfolio that offers a diversified exposure to the most talented investment managers. This may be accomplished through customised or commingled investment vehicles. A deep understanding of both the underlying investment strategies and the ability to construct a strong risk management framework are essential foundations of any successful investment portfolio. Our many years of creating best in class investment solutions allows us to access investments, manage risk and deliver investment portfolios most suited to the needs of Newscape clients.

Due Diligence

Only investment opportunities that meet our exacting standards make it through our investment selection process. A rigorous review of operations, personnel, investment process, risk management and organisational infrastructure is undertaken to ensure the highest quality of prospective investments reaches our investment committee for consideration.