Who We Are

Newscape is a diversified financial services boutique founded in 2008. Our valued clients and investment partners include financial intermediaries, pension funds, professional families, trusts and fiduciaries, institutions and sovereign wealth funds.

With a wealth of diverse talent and expertise, we seek to provide successful long term solutions and superior risk adjusted outcomes for our clients and partners. We do this by employing a “service & solutions” mentality supported by continuously evolving products that strive to be best in class. Our team happily embrace challenge and work to grow their knowledge on a daily basis.

Our diversified but joined up approach to business enables us to take a focused approach to delivery and execution but with a global perspective ensuring we are staying ahead of the curve and passing on the benefits of cross pollination and knowledge transfer to those we have the privilege to serve and interact with.

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Our People

The team at Newscape brings a depth of knowledge and expertise from diverse backgrounds that empowers us to serve and to challenge the status quo.


Our diversity as a business, the counterparts we interact with and the experiences that we can share enable an informed and innovative approach across the board.


Defining, building and implementing successful solutions hand in hand with our clients and partners characterises our approach – a good product alone is not enough.


Utilising our collective intellect, research and networks combined with a thirst for learning and discovery to give us a global and multi-dimensional outlook on the markets and environments we operate in.


Identifying opportunities that have the best potential to create value for our clients, portfolios and funds across our businesses through the evaluation and dissemination of the information we generate and are privy to.


Rigorous analysis and assessment combined with robust risk management systems and repeatable process provides the clarity to execute with confidence and the best chance of a positive and accretive outcome.